Plumbing tools homeowners must own

Do you love fixing things up on your own? Then, you will definitely need these tools to make the work done. They will just make the process much more easier. For more info, check our homepage on: .

1. Teflon tape
Otherwise known as “plumber’s tape”, keep a roll of this on hand and you’ll be patting yourself on the back more times than you can count. Use it for wrapping around shower heads, tub spouts, and other kinds of metal or plastic threaded pipes. By doing this, you’ll create a tight, water-resistant seal to prevent leakages.

2. Plumber’s putty
A malleable sealant, plumber’s putty is used to create a water-resistant seal around faucets, drains and valves. Best of all, it’s cheap.

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3. Pliers
To avoid frustration on your DIY job, you’re going to want to invest in two types of pliers. The first are locking pliers or vice-grip pliers. These are used for gripping, holding and/or twisting things like nuts and bolts that need either loosening or tightening. The second are needle-nose pliers, which are good for more detailed and fiddly work of the same kind.

4. Caulk and caulk gun
There are many uses for caulk around the home – from putting in ceramic sinks to repairing shower seams. Coming in latex, silicone, and urethane, caulk works to fill in cracks and prevent air and water from seeping in or out. To apply caulk properly and make sure that your hard work lasts for the long-term, investing in a caulking gun or caulker is your best move. To learn more about caulking, search