4 Signs You May Have Plumbing Issues

Having to deal with water leaks, constant drain clogs, and dripping pipes can be a real pain. It makes your simple everyday activities impossible endeavors. But what about the other plumbing issues that you may not be seeing? You can see the leak in the ceiling, but what about the loose screw in your roof gutter? It may not seem like that big of a deal now, but overtime these small things can cause permanent strain on your home’s plumbing: which later puts heavy strain on your checkbook. If you think you have a plumbing problem of any type, consider calling a good plumbing company. Here are 4 quick ways to check that those pipes in walls are up to par.

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  1. Check your concealed pipework

Sometimes leaks and nicks in your pipe metals could be hiding right under your nose—or more precisely, under your sink. Make it a habit to look under your sinks and behind your heavy drain machines (like washing machines and dryers). The open piping could be causing small trickles and leaks that could lead to unexpected water drainage, problematic clogging, and huge puddles and buckling in your wooden cabinets. Also graze your forefingers up and down the piping to better feel for any dents or leaks in the piping.

  1. Listen to your toilet

The average toilet has a flush interval of about 10 seconds. This is from the time you press the flush handle to when the flushing noise ends. A sign of improper water flow in your commode’s piping can be detected if the interval cycle lasts 20 seconds or longer. This means you may either have to adjust your flush valve inside the back of your toilet tank or that the piping is unusually clogged; thus, needing more time to secure a flush in the allotted time. If you have a low toilet flush pressure, read this article.

  1. Gurgling garbage disposal

We all know that the garbage disposal is supposed to sound like a gargled mess of chopping food, but it should never sound like more than that. If your garbage disposal begins to sound louder than usual or begins to sound like clashing blades, turn it off immediately. This could signal that water is not draining properly in your kitchen sink’s plumbing. This same issue can be detected if a foul odor continually wafts from the garbage disposal despite multiple cleaning attempts.

  1. Rust is a bad sign

Going back to your exposed pipes, any sign of rust is a sign to look for. If any of the pipes under your surfaces, in your cabinets, or connected to your water heaters have a noticeable amount of rust, you should take immediate concern. Rust on the outside of the pipes can indicate rusting on the inside of your pipes. This affects the water you wash with and the tap water you drink. If you begin tasting an unusual mineral in the water you drink from your tap, do not drink it and immediately set an appointment with a professional plumbing agent. You may need to have your piping checked and maybe even replaced.

And there you have it! Take heed of these 4 tips and you should be able to easily determine if your plumbing is up to check. And if not, you can contact a certified plumbing service to help you fix the issues.

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How to Find a Plumber You Can Trust

Something in your home has broken or is heading into disrepair, and you find yourself in need of a plumber. Maybe your roof drains are blocked up, a back toilet is no longer flushing, or there’s a leak under the sink. Whether it is, you don’t want to hire just any old handyman – what you want is to find a good plumber that will get the job done well, and at a reasonable cost. Most of all, you want to know that anything fixed won’t fall apart as soon as your hired help has walked out the door.

Plumbing is a high-demand profession, and sometimes it will seem that all the good plumbers are too busy fixing everyone else’s homes to make time for yours. You may find yourself with what seems to be only a small number of options – some of which you’d feel very uneasy about hiring. It is certainly true that there are a number of fraudulent plumbers out there – untrained individuals just out to make a quick buck (click here to find out more). Before you pick up the phone, it’s important to make sure that anyone tinkering about with your property is a fully qualified expert who knows exactly what they’re doing. To make sure that you’ve hired a professional plumber who you can trust, always make sure to tick off each of the following points.

Make sure they have a plumber’s license
Plumbing licenses are proof that an individual has undergone the requisite training to be up to industry code. The kinds of license a plumber will carry will vary depending upon where you are – so do a Google Search and look at relevant pages on your local government website. It is important that you ask to see a copy of the license before your plumber gets to work.

Check online to compare reviews and ratings of available plumbers
Online reviews and ratings can be incredibly handy in finding a good plumber, so take the time to read and compare them. The more reviews and ratings the plumber has, the better you’ll be able to evaluate what kind of job he will provide for you.


Make sure the plumber is insured
If an accident happens and you find out that the plumber doesn’t have insurance, you as the homeowner might be forced to deal with the cost of damage. Avoid this by asking upfront what kind of insurance your plumber has.

Ask how long they’ve been working as a plumber
Experienced plumbers will have accumulated some of the best knowledge and skills in their trade by virtue of the number of years they’ve been working. Several years as a plumber also means that plumbing isn’t just a side-hobby: it’s how they make a living. To protect their own hard-won reputation, they’re going to want to make sure they put in the best effort they can.

Request for a written assurance of a money-back guarantee
Most plumbing professionals will offer a no questions asked money back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with the service. Put those who can make this guarantee first on your hire options list.

Ask for a flat rate sum when the plumber is directly in front of the job
It’s a good idea to turn down any payments made over the phone, before the plumber has even entered your home. Instead, look for a plumber that can offer a flat rate sum when they’ve assessed the nature of the job, and what it is likely to entail.

Ask friends and family which plumber they’d recommend
Did your neighbor Margaret recently have her drains unblocked? Was she satisfied with the service? Ask around – word-of-mouth referrals by trusted individuals can be one of the best indicators of a plumber’s quality.

So there you have it. If you follow these tips to hiring a plumber, you can have the peace of mind knowing that whatever service you want done, you can find the plumber that is right for you.

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