Pixel Gun 3D, ready to fire some guns?


All guys love firing their guns, those toys are sign of power. Even the little kids are more into the guns than any other toys. I remember when I was just six and my father asked me what I wanted on my birthday, I said I wanted a plastic toy gun exactly like I saw in a movie, so my love for gun started when I was just a little guy. Let me tell you something about myself even though I am married I still consider myself as a king of the nerds, I am  a huge fan of Seth Cohen and Sheldon Cooper, so like my favourite characters I also need to play video games at all time. And Pixel Gun 3D is my latest obsession, at the end of the day I like to come home and start my game to shoot, shoot and shoot some more. Do not tell anyone, otherwise I may go to jail but I sometimes imagine my boss’s face as the opponent, I play better then, LOL. So I think as a dutiful citizen of the world it is my duty to tell about how you can play the game, what is this game all about and how you can go ahead with helps of little things called hacking tool. Trust me you do not need to be all honest in a video game. But you need to win; otherwise you may just in front of TV and watch a romantic movie, no need to play the game.


You are up against Zombies, spiders and all kind of other disgusting creatures in Pixel Gun 3D, your job is to fire at them and kill them so they cannot kill you. You can play this game within your country or if you think you are an expert you can also try playing against world wide players. But I think you should start playing against the worldwide players a little later. The best way to start as a fresher gamer according to me is to try play in survival mode, but one disadvantage is that you have to play the level twice. But do not worry the creatures are powerful but not very hard to beat. Over time you will get more hand-eye coordination and you will be able to move yourself quickly. As a starter if you feel like your moves are little slow then do not worry, all the other gamers are also having the same problem.

The game is built with perfection. You will simply love the 3D graphics and the amazing picture quality. The sound will create the atmosphere for you; you will feel like you are actually fighting the game in real life.

Now to that part you need to spend some money to move ahead on the game. But I will show you something which will give you all the exciting features for free. To help you with this, there are tools called online hacks, they are your opponent’s and the game developers biggest nightmare but they can be your best friend if you chose them wisely, I love using these online hack tools. I found them completely safe to use and I never had any virus problem or anything like that. They are also FREE. For me these hacking tools are those that help us to reach to the interesting part of the game. No matter how much I love the game if I keep losing I will not keep playing them. So what are you waiting for, build your strong virtual self now.